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Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Converti7, CS/CU-EU12AKY3, 2024 Model)


Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, Converti7, CS/CU-EU12AKY3, 2024 Model)

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Air Flow Volume 494 CFM with Shower Effect
Indulge in a shower of coolness with Panasonic EU AC’s impressive Air Flow Volume of 494 CFM, enhanced by the soothing Shower Effect. The 2-Way Swing ensures that every corner of your room experiences a refreshing breeze, creating an ambiance of absolute comfort.

Various Modes for Tailored Comfort

Personalize your cooling experience with a range of modes designed to suit your preferences – Auto, Cool, Fan, Dry, Sleep, and Eco Mode. This AC adapts to your needs, ensuring that you enjoy the perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort.

Inverter Cooling Technology and Rotary Compressor

Step into the future of cooling with Inverter Cooling Technology and a robust Rotary Compressor. Experience precise temperature control, enhanced energy efficiency, and a cooling performance that adapts to your requirements, promising optimal comfort year-round.

Copper Condenser Coil

Benefit from the durability and superior heat transfer provided by the Copper Condenser Coil. Revel in the efficiency and longevity of this essential component, ensuring that your Panasonic EU AC delivers optimal cooling performance for years to come.

Stabilizer Free Operation
Enjoy uninterrupted cooling without the need for external stabilizers. This AC is engineered for stabilizer-free operation, adapting seamlessly to voltage fluctuations and providing consistent comfort in any power condition.

7-in-1 Convertible Ideal for Compact Spaces

Experience versatility with the 7-in-1 Convertible feature, ideal for rooms up to 130 sq. ft. This compact powerhouse ensures that even smaller spaces receive the same level of superior cooling comfort as larger areas, making it perfect for diverse room sizes.
Ambient Temperature Cooling at 52 Degrees Celsius
Defy extreme heat with confidence as this AC achieves Ambient Temperature Cooling even in scorching conditions of up to 52 degrees Celsius. No matter how high the mercury rises, your Panasonic EU AC ensures a cool and comfortable environment.

Advanced Filtration – Anti-Dust, PM0.1, and Ag Clean Plus Filter

Breathe in cleaner air with the advanced filtration system. The Anti-Dust Filter, PM0.1 Filter, and Ag Clean Plus Filter work together to capture particles, pollutants, and bacteria, ensuring the air you breathe is not just cool but also pure and healthy.
SuperDyma and Shield Blu Plus
Experience durability and resilience with SuperDyma material and Shield Blu Plus protection. Guard your Panasonic EU AC against corrosion and environmental factors, ensuring it stands strong and delivers unwavering performance.

Humidity Control and Temperature Sensors

Create the perfect indoor climate with integrated Humidity Control and Temperature Sensors. Achieve the ideal balance between cooling and humidity levels, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere at all times.


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